Connecting parents and childbirth professionals. 


Doula Spot is an online community that connects new and expectant parents to childbirth professionals. Like your own doula, we are here to nurture and provide education throughout your journey. Whether you are seeking guidance, connection, a qualified doula or lactation support; we honor your unique situation. With Doula Spot, you can experience these transitions feeling empowered and supported, all through our easy-to-use online platform. You deserve peace of mind throughout your birth and parenting journey, and you’ve come to the right spot.

” You deserve peace of mind throughout your birth and parenting journey. This is why our doulas have been chosen for their specialties, qualifications, ratings, experience levels, testimonials, and certifications. We provide ongoing education for you and our doulas, creating a fluid team environment in labor and delivery and bringing community back to birth.

– Erica Falk, Doula and founder of