Handpicked Gift Ideas From The Doula Spot Team

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  • December 16, 2014

Handpicked Gift Ideas From The Doula Spot Team

Baby season is 365 days a year!  Love doesn’t come in the form of a price tag but it is nice to spoil the special people in your life. For me, I love to buy the best and most thoughtful gifts but year after year can be difficult. Doula Spot has some great year round gift ideas!

New Parents – great gift ideas for the new parents in your life (especially helpful for first timers)






  • Friend Sign – for special message for your bestie
  • Best Friend Frame – for long distance BFFs – a really sweet personalized picture frame with the name and state of your bestie and you! Not that you’ll every forget you’re not in the same city but you know you always have a place to stay 😉


  • A wine club membership – from 1 shipment to 1 year! Prices vary and great for the novice drinker all the way to the sommelier pallets
  • A night out with friends and/or date night (in a sweet handwritten card) – sometimes a handwritten note and a hall pass is all you need!







Write a comment on our blog if you found this list helpful and made a purchase based on our ideas! We want and listen to feedback from our community.

The Doula Spot Team

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