There Is No Wrong Way To Give Birth

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  • December 8, 2015
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There Is No Wrong Way To Give Birth

Many of my students who come to take my HypnoBirthing class have the preconceived notion that there is a “correct” way to give birth. They have heard that to do the method properly they need to be silent while they give birth and breath their babies out instead of push them out. After giving birth I have heard women say that they felt they failed at the method because they pushed at the end of their labors, this feeling is unnecessary and I am here to relieve all women who may be carrying this feeling of failure. Today is the day that we dispel the myth that there is only one way to have a successful HypnoBirth!

HypnoBirthing offers a plethora of tools through breath, visualization, affirmations, guided meditations and self-deepening techniques for women and couples to pick from to meet their labors with grace and ease. The whole point of the course work is to wash away the blocks created by fear of birth and empower women to have a mother directed birth experience.

Yes, the classes do contain videos of women practicing HypnoBirthing in hospitals and at home in a calm often silent way but I am here to tell you that if making a sound or getting on all fours feels empowering than girl you do it!

There is a fantastic video we show in the second class of our workshop series where the founder of the method Marie Mongan is filming a laboring woman. The woman says that she feels the urge to push and Marie says “follow your bodies lead, it knows what to do, breathe down, bare down”. I highlight this moment in class because it shows that Marie is putting the power of birth back in the laboring mother’s hands

No matter how much we prepare for labor we are often surprised at the things we intuitively say and do while we are in the experience. Giving ourselves as laboring women the permission and freedom to follow our bodies and trust our birthing intuition allows us to have more swift, efficient and calm natural labors. I am not a woman who chants or says “Om” in my daily life but when I felt the sensations of labor I found myself saying a long loud “Oooooommmmmm” with each wave that washed over me. Making a sound and that specific sound felt strong to me, it kept me in a space of concentration where I was only aware of my breath and baby.

I have heard women say that they feel they have failed in their birth experience if they have a caesarean, to that I say how amazing it is that we have the medical technology to assist women who need assistance. There is no shame in receiving help if it is needed. We live in a time where we have the technology to even have a scheduled caesarean if a birthing mother so desires. A scheduled caesarean is no less powerful than a natural birth. As long as the birthing woman feels good about her decision on how she brings her child into the world than however the birth looks it is a success.

So here is to all of our options! To giving birth in the safest time in human history where we have access to excellent nutrition, childbirth educators, doulas, midwives and medical intervention if we need it. Here is to websites like this and an internet that connects our resources and ideas. Here is to you for taking the time to prepare for your birth, may you birth in whatever way feels empowering to you!

Franchesca DuvalFranchesca Duval is affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute and upholds their standards of teaching excellence. She currently teaches group workshops at Thrive Birth Center in Santa Rosa California and also offers private online sessions for couples who live too far away to attend a workshop in person.

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