6 Tips for Hiring the Right Nanny

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  • March 9, 2016

6 Tips for Hiring the Right Nanny

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task, particularly for today’s busy families.  Considering the fact that a nanny will become an extension of your parenting team, the right match is critical in providing your children with the quality of care they deserve. We’ve put together a few tips to help you find the right nanny for your family.

1) Determine Your Needs

This is a crucial step that will lead you to the best nanny match. Consider number of hours and schedule; are parents at home or working outside the home? Will you require travel, pet care, and driving? Use this as a guide to create a basic job description.

2) Conduct a Preliminary Screen and Initial Interviews

Based on your job description, create a list of requirements in the form of 5 – 8 questions.  Conduct an initial screening of candidates either by phone or E-mail to determine if they meet these basic criteria. If they don’t, move on! We recommend a 3-step interview process, which begins with conducting the first meeting in a public place and the second meeting at home with the children.

3) Check References

This is where you need to put her experience under a microscope, no matter how much you may like the nanny candidate. Ask for a complete work history and check every reference. Ask open-ended questions of former employers, such as, “Can you give me an example of how she handled a difficult situation with your toddler?” or, “How would you rate her reliability?” Listen closely for hesitation, and be sure to crosscheck all dates and facts.

4) Working Trial

The third step in the interview process, provided your candidate has impressed you thus far, is inviting your top choice to your home for a one week working trial. Structure the week as a typical week with your family to best understand the suitability of the match.  Considering the nanny may work with your family for years, one week is time well spent in order to determine the best fit!

5) Written Employment Agreement

Set the tone for a professional relationship by creating a written outline of your expectations. This includes compensation, benefits, job responsibilities, and your termination policy. Consider “what if” scenarios, such as emergencies, if the nanny is ill, or if you leave for an extended vacation. If you consider these issues up front, you will spend less time renegotiating down the road—something most families hope to avoid!

6) Pay Your Nanny Legally

Besides the fact that withholding taxes is required by law, paying your household employee legally adds a necessary layer of protection against expensive tax and legal problems. There are several household payroll companies that can assist you with this. They manage all the details from registering you as an employer to providing quarterly and annual tax reports, requiring very little effort on your part.  With their help, it is far easier than you may think!

Daryl Camarillo

Daryl Camarillo

Daryl Camarillo is the Founder of Stanford Park Nannies. Throughout her 25 years as a nanny agency owner, she has worked directly with families and nannies to provide the highest quality service; tailoring her efforts to establish solid, lasting matches.  Personalized attention to detail, concern for safety and strict adherence to ethical business practices are the cornerstones of her approach and the reason Stanford Park Nannies was awarded “Agency of the Year” by the prestigious Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. As a mother, business owner and community leader, Daryl has established herself as a respected contributor to the nanny placement industry and as a trusted resource to thousands of California families and nannies.

Stanford Park Nannies is the Bay Area’s most-trusted full-service nanny agency. We cater to families who demand the highest level of childcare and professional nannies who want the best family experience. Our goal is simple: using compassion and honesty to bring together families and nannies in an ideal match. We’ve earned our reputation as leaders in the industry through more than 25 years in the nanny agency business, combining the strictest nanny qualification process with hands-on client attention and expert service. Offering full and part time long term nanny referrals as well as highly skilled newborn care specialist and on call nannies and babysitters



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