Stress Relaxation Series for Pregnant Mamas

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  • June 16, 2016
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Stress Relaxation Series for Pregnant Mamas

Welcome to the exciting time of giving birth.  There are many ways to look at this journey and my hope is that you will gravitate to some of these suggestions as to have the most healthy birth for baby and you!

Let me start by saying I have birthed two children myself and it was the best experiences I have had to date. My daughters are grown women now with healthy lives of their own and I managed to get most of the parenting things right because the proof is in the healthy lifestyles they lead.

I always said my kids raised me too. It was a joint effort and a glorious one at that!

So…All of this is to stay, Your child’s life will depend on how you take care of yourself…May sound heavy or daunting but really we imitate what we see in our homes and in our parents and if that works for you don’t break the mold!

If there are some things you would like to adjust about your own life you have come to the right place to learn some new healthy habits.

Why is she telling me this you might be saying to yourself?

Well, I want you have the experience that is just right for you.

You are the Caption of this ship, the Queen of the castle, and by all means the mama that can give life! ( Oh and you did have a little help getting there right?).

So lets start here:

I would like you to remember the first time you thought about having a child.

What were you thinking? This is very important to the process of your pregnancy. Depending on how you set up your thought process and what you are thinking now will make a sweet and fascinating life for you and the baby.

Do our thoughts determine our lives? The researchers all agree there is a mind body connection. So, as you are growing this little bundle in your belly, take some moments in the day to stop and think about how you and your baby are connecting?

Being a Health and Wellness Coach with an emphasis on Stress Relaxation, is very rewarding for me.  I get to hear all sorts of great ideas and stories about how my clients follow these easy exercises I suggest to them:

Daily Connection:

Before you pop out of bed stop and check in with your body.

Oh! I am pregnant you say to yourself.

Take some nice deep breathes and say hello to your child.

Some of my clients tell me they say things like:

Hey! how ya doing in there?

It’s you and me babe

Oh, I am so happy to be your mom

Thank you for coming to the earth to be my child

That was a sweet one, for this lady told me very pointedly that all babies come down from heaven so its a blessing to be chosen to be a mom.

All sweetness right?

Well, you get the point. So first thing if you are not barfing in a bowl or running to the bathroom take this connection moment on a daily basis. It really does create a nice bond especially when birth time comes. We can affectionally call this exercise “Keeping it real”.


What are you putting in your mouth?

You know and have been told you are eating for 2 now…Ok, that does not mean doubling up on 2 scoops of ice cream or 4 slices of pizza..well maybe once in a while you will but not as a daily practice.

Its true we all crave certain things when we are with child and somethings repulse us. With my first child I could not get enough Mexican food.

My poor husband had to eat at the local Mexican Restaurant for almost 7 months until I got over it at month 8 and wanted only trout that he would catch in our local rivers. I detested the smell of any perfumes that people were wearing and had to drink orange juice for days…

But in-between all of that I took my vitamins, ate a ton of veggies and made sure I was doing the daily prenatal requirements that my OBGYN and birth coach suggested.

So what is your diet like? What are you craving? If you love pickles and don’t during your pregnancy don’t be alarmed.

Your child might have some preferences too.  So how about that for a thought? My second child is a huge veggie eater and thats pretty much what I ate during my pregnancy with her. Chicken and veggies. I don’t like chicken but I did then.  So you see you are working together as you grow this little being to term.  Do not “stress out” if you skip a meal because your body and baby will tell you when you need to eat.

If you are having a hard time eating because of morning sickness, then find something that will give you nutrition you can eat in small increments.

In severe cases of morning sickness please see a qualified health care physician. There is no need to suffer. Pregnancy can be a journey that surprises us all and as I am sure you have been told each pregnancy is different.

Smoothies are always a hit for pregnant mamas if you can’t stomach food at different junctures.

Crackers are a must for those of us who have some morning sickness.

For those who have heart burn, there are safe things you can take and the market is flooded with them – always make sure they are safe for baby, too!

Being an Herbalist is a rewarding and fun job. I never can learn enough, but what I am adamant about is safe herbal remedies for you and your child.  Some things are just not appropriate to take when you are pregnant so please read the labels on the product you might be considering to take for heart burn, nausea or constipation. These are the three that might interrupt your pregnancy and daily flow, so it’s good to error on caution when taking any herbal supplement for such issues.

We always say, “we are what we eat during this gestation so do some smart eating”. We have smart T.V. smart phones so… be a smart Mama!

Sleep is essential during this time. Your body needs rest and you must slow down. If you have a full time job, please give yourself at least a 15 minute break during the day to do NOTHING. I am serious…shut off the brain  (if you know how to) or listen to relaxing music. This a regenerator for your body and baby.

If you can, schedule a nap time daily. This is so good for you to get into the habit because the demands on your body are many, even when you are not pregnant! So after the birth your self care nap time will turn in to a precious habit that you may never want to give up! I still do a 20 minute a day nap and for me its a game-changer!

As the baby grows and you become a little more round, and then more round, putting your feet up is a great way to relax even if you are not napping.

Reading a book; watching a wonderful show, listening to a stress relaxation guided meditation while your own Sacred Mist, will be extremely helpful. 

The bathroom might become a friendly place to hide out if you have other children so take advantage of it! I had a walk-in closet that I use to go into and rummage around, but really I needed a quiet break…

My second child figured this out and at about 8 years old, I never had that secret hide out again…She knew right were to find me when I was needing that precious break. It became a joke for me. At one point, I would walk into the closet and guess who would be right on my heels…? ”Mom, what are you doing?”

So you see they watch us and we train them through our actions and words.

When I was growing up many moons ago there was this saying:

“Do as I say not as I do”…What in the world did that I mean, I said to myself.

I quickly got over it and challenged the next adult who would pop that one off in a conversation and tell them that was confusing and I thought down right stupid….And so it is….

We as mothers want to set an atmosphere of love and transparency, health and wholeness for ourselves our families.

If you are a working mommy Good for you! If you are a stay at home mommy good for you. The most important thing is that you are a great leader in the home for your children. Teaching them to love, and respect themselves and others, will be your mission for many years. Trust me on this, if you do not model self care, they will not be able to do it for themselves.

So Relax, and enjoy the process.

You can do this!

Until next time…

Health and Wellness to you and yours,

Anastasia del Vecchio.

Anastasia-del-vecchio-hypnotherpistAnastasia del Vecchio graduated from the American School of Herbalism, East West School of Herbalism, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Founder of Sacred Mists to experience the Joy of Change, specializing in Health, Wellness and Stress Relaxation Coaching. To learn more about Anastasia visit her website.

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