Choosing the Sacred Birth & Spirituality

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  • July 20, 2016
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Choosing the Sacred Birth & Spirituality

Childbirth, in my opinion, is one of the most sacred acts a woman will ever experience. When I was pregnant my coach kept saying, “Your body will know what to do when the time has come”. Oh really, I said, how is that? She responded “It’s nature, your body is designed to give birth”.

Well that is comforting!

My body may know but will my mind and heart go with the process? Or will I block the natural flow of the sacred mystery of birth? I pondered this for quite a while.

Women ask me all the time:

  • “What is the one relaxation technique I can use when I feel anxious about birth?”
  • “Am I capable of being a mother, of mothering?”
  • “I will be a mother of 5 soon, how will I be able to do all of it?”

I start by asking if they have a spiritual practice, and if they pray. This launches a discussion of how carrying and birthing may look for her individually. I remind her it does not matter to whom or how you pray. I repeat this. It is the hope that you have some sort of prayer or ritual to help keep you grounded and centered during the amazing journey of childbirth.

I have a theory that each time I gave birth, I got to birth a bit more of myself. My sacred self. I view my births as my God-given right, as a women, to give life, and bring a child into the beautiful pathway of love and light. This is how I see it and it is what I share with my clients who want to stay focused on their gift. Their prize. Love of self, love for baby, and love for life.

It is important you avoid stressors during your pregnancy and birth. It is important you set yourself up for success, and give yourself the tools to go with the flow of birth.

  • Relax
  • Meditate
  • Guided Imagery
  • Prayer time
  • Exercise
  • Transparent conversations with trusted chosen guides


  • Your preferred self-care practice

My role is to remind mothers, this is your own birth story, your process, and your sacred story. Some days you will have energy and others you won’t. You’ll just want to sleep and be able to sleep and sometimes you will not be able to. Your mind and thoughts are full, what color blanket will I wrap my baby in? What is going on inside of my body?

Having spiritual practice or self care will help you not feel so lost or like you are floating in space.

Think about what is sacred for you? What is relaxing or comforting. Is it:

  • Seeing a sunset
  • A nice warm bath
  • Candles and dancing wildly, embracing your belly as it gets bigger and bigger
  • Reminding yourself you are a sacred goddess
  • Go to Temple or Church
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Quality time in nature

These, and so many more, are all part of the sacred things we do to keep us grounded and aligned with our purpose and divine selves. Ways to keep our heads about us through the pregnancy. Preparation and being present is the key to a unique and healthy birth.

As a tool to help moms, I developed an essential oil blend and the olfactory connection to memory to help you relax while you are growing your baby, during birth, and the years to come if you choose.

There are so many ways to use essential oils, and I choose this method to make swift and exceptional change. These little bottles are tools to help you stay calm, motivated, and relaxed. They can also help you wake up, and help you end your day.

I was inspired and anchored to the connection to the olfactory by a client, who was in her first trimester, and one of the best births I ever attended. We discussed her stresses and her dreams. I had her choose an oil and she choose lavender. It was a perfect choice to represent her, who she is, and what scent represents her. We did some stress relaxation guided imagery using the Sacred Mist during and after the session. I instructed her to use the scent topically to soothe and calm her as she prepares for birth.

The week before the birth, knowing I would be coaching her, I prepared my “to-go” kit (including 6 pre-misted Calm Spirit Sacred Mist dry washcloths sealed tightly in a ziplock) and waited for the birthday.

As she labored and progressed, I put the individual cloths near her and on her forehead. I reminded her about keywords we talked about in our sessions. The memory and connection words to help her stay focused on labor and childbirth. Her miracle arrived and the scent of lavender will always remind her of that special and sacred “birthday”.

Peace to you and yours!



The history and use of essential oils date back to BC, AD; throughout the Renaissance, the Dark Ages, Arabian empire and throughout Greece, China, India and Egypt. Essential oils were used to treat patients holistically and for aromatherapy massage.

French perfumer, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, had severe burns on his hand; believing in the holistic approach and later known for coining the term “aromatherapy”, he treated his burns with undiluted lavender essential oil. He found not only did this comfort him but he had very little scarring.

Present day the use of essential oils is gaining momentum and the science behind scents is making sense to us modern day folks. From hormonal imbalance, to meditation, stress relief and of course childbirth the oils are making their vast use known.

For more information and to purchase author Anastasis del Vecchio’s Sacred Mist visit her website.


Anastasia-del-vecchio-hypnotherpistAnastasia del Vecchio graduated from the American School of Herbalism, East West School of Herbalism, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Founder of Sacred Mists to experience the Joy of Change, specializing in Health, Wellness and Stress Relaxation Coaching.



Post script by Jennifer “Jake” McKenna Ibarra.  Jake is the content manager for Doula as well as a writer. Jake studied Early Childhood Education at San Francisco City College, is a certified birth and bereavement doula through SBD University, certified in perinatal mood disorders by Postpartum Support International and is also a PSI member. 

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